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"Where dreams meet dividends: Conquer the stock market and make your money work for you."

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Trading is considered as a business that is not suitable for everyone, but this is just a hoax that we clear by making you learn about the fundamental and technical strategies that can provide a good profit in stock market
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Through a unique combination of learning and planning.

You will learn all these things :  Basics of Stock Market Technical and Fundamental Analysis advanced, Types of Traders & Trading styles Candlestick Patterns Candle Sticks Patterns Advanced Wick vs Body Importance.


Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis:-
Fundamentals of an economy: Introduction of securities Market Basics understanding about economy. Impact of fiscal and monetary policy. knowledge about High impact indicator. Government policies and its impact.

Economic Analysis: Impact and correlation between microeconomic and macroeconomic variable Role of economic Analysis in fundamental analysis Secular, cyclical and seasonal trends Sources of information for economic Analysis.

Industry Analysis: Role of industry analysis in fundamental research. Nature of an industry Understanding industry cyclicality and trend analysis. Key industry Drivers and KPIs

Company analysis (Qualitative): Understand business and its model Companies core competencies and its competitors SWOT Analysis Quality of management and corporate governance structure

Company analysis (Quantitative): Introduction to Financial Statements Advance ratio analysis Comparative analysis Financial forecasting Quantitative trends identification and interpretation Components of financial report and its impact

Corporate Action: Type and nature of events Need of corporate action there impact on share price Company Valuation Earning based valuation Asset based valuation New age business valuation

Risk Management: Risk reward analysis Money management Types of Stoploss Hedging techniques Risk measurement Sensitivity Analysis to assumption Concept of margin of safety Investment to capital ratio

Institutional Investors: Define Institutional Investors Types of Institutional investors There role in share market Identification of market trend (price movement)

Understanding about Index: Index formation Sectoral Index Key benchmark Index of india index trading, analysis, trends and sectoral guidence.

Global currency market: Understanding of currency pair Size and scope of currency market global currency trading Currency trading in India Major events of currency market Economic development and its impact on currency pairs

Introduction to different asset classes: 1 Bond Market 2 oil market 3 Crypto Market 4 Bullion Market 5 Inter-Market relations and there impact

Technical Analysis

Basics of stock market
* Types of trader and trading styles
* Advanced Candlesticks patterns
* Wick and body
* importance of candle closing
* 1 Hours candle vs 15 Minutes candle
* 15 Minutes candle vs 5 Minutes candle
* Advanced Chart Patterns
* Support and Resistance
* Identifying Trends
* Breakouts/ Reversals / Retests analysis
* Important Indicators
* Intraday super setups for high profit
* Dow Theory
* Gap Theory
* Bull / Bear Trap
* Long Term Trading Strategies
* Multiple Timeframe analysis
* NSE Website Overview
* Demat Account Explained
* Multiple Entry & Exit Strategies
* Stock Selection Process
* 5 Star Trading Setup
* Fibonacci Retracement
* World Markets Correlation
* Watchlist Setup
* Risk Management
* Trading System
* Dark Cloud Cover
* Accumulation And Distribution
* Sandwich Patterns
* Combining Candles Patterns
* Heikenashi Patterns Analysis
* Identifying Counter attacks
* Three Standard Deviation
* Identifying Slowdown In Momentum
* Using Candlesticks with Other Parameters
* Shooting Star with Bollingerbands
* Adapting to market conditions
* Timing the Entry and Exit
* Divergence


Fees structure:-

Equity Trading- 25000
Derivative Stock Trading- Future and options:- 50,000
Index options trading- Nifty-50 and Bank Nifty R.s .50,000
Swing Trading :- Rs.- 25,000
Momentum Trading:- 25,000
Stock Selection Strategy:- 15,000

I had always been intrigued by the stock market, but I didn't know where to begin. That's when I came across this stock market learning program, and it was a game-changer for me. The course provided a comprehensive understanding of the stock market, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis. The instructors were knowledgeable and explained complex concepts in a way that was easy to grasp. Thanks to this program, I now feel confident in making informed investment decisions. Highly recommended


As someone who had no prior knowledge of the stock market, I was hesitant to invest my hard-earned money. However, this stock market learning program proved to be a valuable investment in itself. The program started from the basics and gradually built up my understanding of market trends, chart analysis, and trading psychology. The instructors were patient and supportive, answering all my questions along the way. Now, I feel empowered to manage my own portfolio and make educated investment decisions. This program truly demystified the stock market for me


I had always been intrigued by the stock market, but I never had the time to learn about it in depth. This stock market learning program was a perfect fit for my busy schedule. The course was self-paced, allowing me to study at my convenience. The modules were concise yet comprehensive, focusing on practical strategies and techniques. The program also provided access to a vibrant community of fellow learners, where I could exchange ideas and seek guidance. Thanks to this program, I now have the knowledge and confidence to actively participate in the stock market. It's been a fulfilling learning experience


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