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"Where dreams meet dividends: Conquer the stock market and make your money work for you."

5 years of experience

Wealth Creator Research

Wealth creator Research is an initiative for the young generation interested in making more, willing to step forward and be free from financial situations.
We provide knowledge based on self-learning, experience, and theoretical & Technical implications on the market.

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Stock Market

Candlestic pattern Analysis

Candlestic pattern Analysis in the stock market refers to analyzing price movements using candlestick charts to identify potential trends and reversals.

Chart pattern analysis

Chart pattern analysis in the stock market involves studying patterns formed by price movements on charts to predict future price movements and make trading decisions.

Important indicators analysis

Important indicators analysis in the stock market involves examining various indicators, such as moving averages or RSI, to gauge market trends and make informed investment decisions.

Dow theory

Dow theory in the stock market is a theory that analyzes price movements in the Dow Jones Industrial Average to predict market trends and reversals.

Gap up and gap down analysis

Gap up and gap down analysis in the stock market involves studying price gaps between consecutive trading days to predict potential price movements and trading opportunities.

Open interest analysis

Open interest analysis in the stock market involves examining the total number of outstanding contracts to gauge market sentiment and predict potential price movements.

Our Team Trainer

Indrajeet Singh

Indrajeet Singh

(Managing Director )
Priya Singh

Priya Singh

( Financial Advisor)
Akash sharma

Akash sharma

(Financial Advisor)
Hemant singh ( CEO)

Hemant singh ( CEO)

Nism Certified ( Research Analyst)
Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar

Financial Advisor & Mentor
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